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The range of turning, grooving and threading with cermet - ceramic - boron nitrides insertsCeramTec SPK Tooling System

The system
Integrated clamping system (IKS)

SPK cutting tools for high performance machiningIKS gives the possibility of fitting different clamping systems into one and the same tool-holder for secure clamping different types of indexable inserts.

SPK notch clamping systemSPK notch clamping

This permits efficient use of indexable inserts even under heavy cutting conditions. In case of high wear on clamping element, it can supply a special pressure plate with impact protection.

The FTC system

This combines the IKS clamping system with the modular coupling of the Block Tool System and has proven itself as a reliable, quick changing tooling system for turning.

The CMS system

This combines the conical polygonal coupling of the Capto system with the IKS system. It offers a uniform and modular interface for stationary and rotating tools, with high rigidity and precision in tool-changing.

The HSK system

SPK turning tools for high performance machiningFor special rotating and stationary tools our range includes the standardized HSK tool holding system. In conjunction with IKS clamping, this system ensures a high level of production quality with rotary boring tools.
Turning tools with IKS clamping and HSK tool holding system cater to customer demand for a standard toolchange interface.

SPK milling cuttersSPK milling tools for high performance machining

Our product range includes both milling cutters with cartridge systems as well as milling cutters with fixed insert seats and positive axial geometry. For ultraprecision milling we also supply single-tool milling cutters.

SPK boring tools

SPK boring tools for high performance machiningFor rough boring of cast iron housings on special high-performance machine-tools we supply boring tools, equipped with cartridges. These are predominantly equipped with the HSK interface.

SPK hard turning

Hard Roll TurningHigh Speed TurningWhen it comes to machining hardened workpieces, these cutting materials will open up new dimensions. Its offer significant cost benefits over conventional methods such as grinding. The machining of chilled cast or steel rolls of a hardness 45 to 100 Shore C for steel making industries was the first hard machining application.

CERAMTEC-SPK Cutting Tool Materials

Inserts material range with NO COOLANT ! on machining process

Cermets Oxide ceramics Silicon Nitride ceramics
Mixed ceramics WURBON®

  • All the dimensions can be changed without prior notice.
  • Other specification and dimension, on request.

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