Catalog - CO Toolings - Modular Tooling System and Boring Head

The Modular system as machining heads designed by CO Toolings corresponding to all machining processes, with universal standard and special design high quality taper adapters for any type of machine spindles.
The intermediary pieces as reductions and extensions built up on requested tool length and adaptable for all diameters.

The Power

Maximum stiffness due to strong and accurate coupling with appropriate length diameter ratios, support with cooling through the tool to get better cooling of the cutting edges. Compatible to precision fine boring head system, support with MESCOR measuring devices to correct boring tools and BODMER setting devices for non rotating tools and rotating tools.

With optimal cutter geometry to maximize chips evacuation could achieve high machining performance and best surface quality.

CO - Modular Tooling System

We also serve the complete range of special adapters for DIXI machines and SIP machines, SIP-Caterpillar, Deckel, Mandelli, Mauser, Oerlikon, Steinel, VDI, Wahli etc.


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