Taps and Dies

UFS Tap in ActionUFS branded names started the production since 1947 specialized in Taps and Dies manufacture according DIN and ISO standards using the best quality steels either with a high Cobalt contents or manufactured with powder metallurgy (ASP 30).

UFS TiN High Helix Tap

With the automated surface treatments such Nitriding, Chromium plating, coating with titanium nitride (TiN), or titanium carbo-nitride (TiCN) have has out come a high quality and a highly efficient products.

Range of products

UFS Product RangeTap and dies materials available in HSS, HSS-E, HSS with 8% Cobalt (M42), and Powder metallurgy sintered within 8% Co(PM) in ASP30-60 (Asea Stora Processed).


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