Cutting Conditions on HSC (High Speed Cutting) using Solid Carbide

Because of the high production performances obtained when high speed milling, HSC is becoming increasingly important in industry. The process enables exceptional removing rates to be achieved i.e. up to 1000 cm3/minute.

For the majority of the materials, the feed per tooth fz = 0.01 x D1 is an excellent starting point. This feed should be increased or reduced depending upon the result obtained, but it should remain within the following range :

We serve complete range ballnose in hard metal
Non ferrous materials Vc (Cutting Speed) Lubrication
Aluminum 1000 - 4000 vaporisation
Brass 1000 - 2500 vaporisation
Copper 600 - 1500 vaporisation
Titanium 100 - 200 vaporisation
Graphite 1000 - 4000 compressed air
Carbon fibres 250 - 500 compressed air
Plastics 300 - 1000 compressed air
The above mentioned conditions will have to reduced by 30 % when using Solid Carbide end mills (Long Style/Long Series).

Special coated ballnose for treated steels and hard cast
Ferrous materials Vc (Cutting Speed) Lubrication
Steels 300 - 700 vaporisation
Cast Irons 500 - 750 vaporisation
Inconel 75 - 100 vaporisation

Maximum width and pass depth recommended (ae and ap).
ap1.5 x D10.1 x D1
ae0.1 x D1D1

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