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The Company Profile

We are a company starting on March 1987 in the Precision Cutting Tools and Accurate Measuring Instruments main business and now Complete Precision Machining Accessories supplying to wide range of the Industries.

Our consistency supporting by our valued principals with advance technologies and speed could meet our continuous-growth-valued-customer-requirements to reach their quality economic products instantly.

With our wide range and reliable quality products, we could serve Tools for Drilling, Turning, Milling, Threading, Tapping, Boring, Reaming from High Speed Steel with Cobalt (HSSCo) materials and Tungsten Carbide materials with or without the Latest sophisticated Coatings, Cermets and Ceramics, Boron Nitride and Crystalline Diamond, Electrical Discharge Machining wire cutting.

And the complete range of Precision Measuring Instruments to measure Precision Length, Width, Height, Angle, Holes, and Straightness, Flatness, Profile, Perpendicularity, Roundness, Circular contour, Screw thread, Gears etc.

While available from us the tooling accessories such as Modular System, Adaptors, milling Adapters, Collets and Chucks, Boring Head, Tapping and Threading attachments, Floating holders and all the derivatives of machining accessories for machine tools.

Today in the global world, we appreciate to take this opportunity to offer our range of products to all of our Worldwide Valued Customers who is thinking about reliable partner to service by economic and speed with choosing innovative precise products by the system which can meet the competitiveness.

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