Solid Precision Reamers

RE-AL Floating Holder ReamersRE-AL Reaming specialist founded in 1963 has concentrated on the manufacture and worldwide distribution of Solid Precision Reamers in largely automated production process guarantees constant and high quality level with short deliveries and expert to advise to customers.

The patented RE-AL floating reamer holder with precise parallel movement to the axis offers greater precision and accuracy on every reamed hole. With RE-AL floating holder could be reached economic high performance quality reaming, complemented with the hard surface TiAlN coated reamers corresponds to the high demand of today’s requirements.

Range of products

RE-AL ReamersWe have complete range Hand Reamers and Machine Reamers in DIN 206, DIN 212, DIN 208, DIN 313, DIN 2179-2180, DIN 8089-8093-8094, DIN 373, and DIN 1866 standards starting from Diameter 0.65 mm up to 30 mm in 0.01 mm increments, and up to diameter 40 mm in 0.1 mm increments, and comprehensive range of materials in HSS-E Cobalt with or without TiN coated, TiAlN coated, and Solid Carbides.

Left hand spiral flutes 7 - 8 degrees for right hand cutting guarantees the smooth holes surface. Available also in high helix on taper shank and straight shank machine reamers, and taper pin reamers.


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