Tungsten Carbide Precision Tools

The ultra-modern equipment within DIXI POLYTOOLS gives an idea of the evolution to which they have contributed, having been present from when the possibilities of the industrial employment of tungsten carbide were ensured.

For DIXI, quality is a mentality and an integral part of services, of manufacturing of tools and the material they use. The notion of which everyone takes pride, but for whom only few realize the implications.

The field of miniaturization implies tools of extremely small dimensions destined for micro machining, requiring an outstanding quality of surface finish and manufactured to extreme precision. As to the machining speeds, DIXI are constantly increasing. Responding to these phenomena, DIXI specialize in high speed cutting (HSC) for milling and drilling as well as micro-machining.

DIXI4 Product Range

Range of products
Car Accessories using Mould Machining using DIXI4 Shoes Mould Machining using DIXI4

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