Milling Applications - Shell end mill profiling, Slotting, Face and shouldering, Slot-contouring, FacingThe majority of work milled called milling machines which are machine tools used to produce one or more machined surfaces accurately on a piece of material, the workpiece which is held securely on the work table of the machine or in a holding device clamped to the table. This is done by one or more rotary milling cutters having single or multiple cutting edges.

The milling machine is a versatile machine tool which can handle a variety of operations normally performed by other machine tools,.depends of the type of machine used, the cutter used, and the attachments and accessories available of the milling machines.

It is used not only for the milling of flat and irregular shaped surfaces but also for gears cutting, thread cutting, radius milling, tapping, drilling, reaming, boring, countersinking, counterboring, spot facing, back-spot facing, and slotting, shouldering, contouring, ramping, helical-interpolation operations.

With today technology it is also possible producing micro parts with high speed milling on micro milling.


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